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About Apothekerri Products

Apothekerri Products came out of my love of bathing and my frustration with the scent of the products readily available to me.  When the product smelled good on me I didn't like the way it felt, or when it worked good it smelled terrible on me.

What I wanted seemed impossible to purchase:  a product that made my skin feel wonderful, that did not contain synthetic perfumes (they give me a headache) and that had a fragrance that smelled good on me without leaving me smelling like a fruit compote or a marshmallow, so I decided to make my own.

Yes, it's all about the perfume for me and I do not make unscented products (except possibly by special request).

After years of sharing my handmade treats with my friends I was convinced that there were more people out there than I had realized who had the same tastes that I did, and so Apothekerri Products was born.
I prefer to use organic oils (essential and carrier) whenever possible in the same way I prefer to eat organic foods whenever possible -it just makes more sense to me.  Though I am not a vegan myself, many of my friends are and so most of what I make reflects this- I spend a good deal of time sourcing vegetable derived materials when the material could also possibly be animal derived.

The only non vegan products I use are beeswax and honey (beeswax in the lip balms & salve, honey in the Adi Shakti & Amber Rose Fizzy Melts).  That being said, I also believe there is a place for synthetically derived materials and use the most gentle ones I can find to do the job when they are required.  There is currently a huge debate on the "natural vs. synthetic" front and my position is that not everything natural is good (measles come to mind here) and not everything manmade or synthetic is bad (polysorbate is my friend!).

All of my products have been tested on willing human friends and not on animals and I do not support animal testing (though some of my human friends have been called animal - that 's a different story!).

Allergy notice:  my work facilities are small and limited so please assume there are traces of nuts in all products.

Thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns about my ingredients please  e-mail me.

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